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What is the Shooter’s Lottery?

The Shooter’s Lottery is essentially a hyper secure mailing list.

Several times a year the shooters on our list will automatically be entered into a random draw and have the chance to win fantastic prizes.

Then in times of threat to our collective rights as responsible firearm owners – we will inform our list of exactly what is happening. So they can take action to nip it in the bud.

There will be no spam.

The list is never shared or sold to anyone else.

You just stay informed and win prizes.

Why is the Shooter’s Lottery needed?

There is unrelenting pressure to erode the rights of responsible shooters.

The established shooting organizations represent their members when their rights are challenged. With varying effectiveness.

However, the vast majority of New Zealand’s 250,000 firearm owners are not members of a formal club. So they usually only find out about potential changes to our gun laws far too late to act.

This must change as numbers matter.

Sadly, this is often ALL that Politicians care about.

So the Shooter’s Lottery will maintain the ability to inform HUGE numbers of shooters on a moment’s notice.

Shooters control this list. So Facebook can’t remove a page. Twitter can’t suspend an account. YouTube can’t hide a channel. WE have and keep total control.

How do I join the Shooter’s Lottery?

You simply visit and then enter your name and your email address.

That’s it.

Then just wait to be advised of the next prize package and cross your fingers for luck.

So - Please join today.


The more shooters that the Lottery can reach – the greater protection that we all enjoy.

Firearm Shops and Shooting Clubs: Please forward this to your own mailing lists.

Who runs the Shooter’s Lottery?

The Shooter’s Lottery is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers from across the shooting disciplines.

We love shooting and want to pass the gunsports on - intact - for future generations of Kiwis to enjoy.